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EasyCharge 6A Mastervolt


EasyCharge 6A
Waterproof fixed-mount battery chargers
The fixed-mount, waterproof units are fully sealed in an epoxy-filled, non-corrosive enclosure, and built to IP68 waterproofing standards, easily meeting global regulations like CE, CSA, CEC, and ABYC. The outputs are completely isolated, and can be used in either series or parallel for higher voltage or current, including 12 or 24 V outputs. Highly efficient and simple to use, these chargers are designed for harsh environments, and are fully salt, shock and vibration tested. Currently, 6 A single bank and 10 A dual bank types models are available.

A key feature is the ‘sense and send’ technology, which allows the chargers to detect which batteries need the most charge and prioritise accordingly. The battery chargers have the ability to charge wet, AGM and gel batteries, with a universal input (120-230 V) for total worldwide freedom.

Spark free.
Reverse polarity protected.
Short circuit proof.
Charges and maintains 12 V and 24 V (10 A model) wet, AGM and gel batteries.
Fast charging, extends battery life.
Sense-Send™ technology (only 10 A model).
Wide input voltage range (90-265 V AC).

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